How is life now?

Life is great! I don’t get perfect sleep but I wouldn’t trade Chris for anything in the world. He normally cries for any combination of three reasons: hunger, gas, and diaper. When he isn’t crying he is usually asleep.
When we first fed Chris, he would only eat 10ml and he would need the rest through a tube going to his stomach. After we brought the little guy home he would eat close to 70ml of breast milk. Today he can eat around 130ml! It is amazing how much he has changed from 2.5lbs to 6lbs. Praise The Lord.
While we feed him, I suspect he gets plenty of air in his little tummy. I try to burp him as much as I can but he still gets fussy when the gas is making its way out. No matter what end it comes from. If anybody has any tips on how to prevent or treat gas pains please let me know. I feel so helpless when I’ve done everything I can think of and he still looks like he is in pain.
Diapers! Oh my goodness christopher can fill his little diaper up very well and he can pee across the room, so look out. One particular thing on this subject is diaper rashes. From what I understand is that it is normal for babies to get a rash now and again but Jenny and I never want to see our little Choo Choo in pain. So we did some reading and we think we have it figured out, but its still too early to tell. The hospital sent us home with Diaper Derm which is great but you can only find it online. So we bought what we heard was good, Buttpaste, which seems to work well but Chris did get a rash. After reading a little online we saw some recommendations for treating rashes was something called Triple Paste. We found it at Walmart and after we used it Christopher’s rash was gone in one day. I hope it works just as good in the future.
Something tells me we still have a lot to learn, but we are excited about what the future holds. God bless you all.



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